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Our History
CRA was formed by independent sales representatives working in the industry for several transportation companies. They decided to group their carriers and clients together thus giving strength as an association. As the sales representatives pooled their volumes of freight and carriers together they were able to offer their clients a larger portfolio of carriers that supported their client's needs.

Our Advantage
Today CRA has become a large group of full time and part time, domestic and international sales professionals. CRA believes the philosophy of when sharing and networking is done as a group, you are able to build volume thus carriers are interested in becoming part of the CRA portfolio. The extensive portfolio you will have access to is important to you - quite simple – competitive pricing, competitive transit times and access to larger national carriers.

The freight each one of us controls as a combined group makes us attractive to the carriers. We do represent and sell the carriers services to our clients and maintain our accounts directly. Our carriers are responsible for the billing, collections and providing report generating on each account.

Join Us – Attain the CRA Advantage
Would you like the opportunity to represent several nationally recognized carriers in the transportation industry who ordinarily won't work with a single sales representative unless you are an employee?

Our sales professionals are a key element to CRA's success. Each one brings their own expertise and knowledge to help grow and enhance CRA's future in the industry.

CRA provides each sales professional with a reference guide which outlines each carrier's services. We will support you with a behind the scenes look at report generating for each account, as well as account setup and account support activities.

Each sales professional works under a senior sales executive. This sales executive is responsible to support you in your sales efforts.

Are you currently employed in the industry. Are you unable to provide other modes of transportation or are limited in the service lanes you can offer your clients? Why not be able to help your clients instead of having to say, No I am unable to service that for you. Every time you cannot handle a shipment you risk the chance of losing the entire account to a competitor that can. With CRA, you can secure and retain an account by servicing your client's total transportation needs.

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