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Our History
CRA was formed by independent sales representatives working in the industry for several transportation companies. They decided to group their carriers and clients together thus giving strength as an association. As the sales representatives pooled their volumes of freight and carriers together they were able to offer their clients a larger portfolio of carriers that supported their client's needs.

Our Advantage
In today's global market, the selection of carriers is extensive. No single transportation company can effectively service all your transportation requirements.

  • How do you find the carrier that best fits your needs?
  • How do know the carrier you are working with is the most competitive?

Carrier Representative Association (CRA) is a national "Transportation Sales Company" and we are your answer. We represent and sell directly for several nationally recognized carriers, domestically and internationally. CRA services all modes of transportation including Truck, Air, Rail, and Ocean. CRA only works with carriers who can meet our high level of standards: Claim Ratio, Insurance, Handling, Report Generating, and Technology Support. Our carriers provide competitive pricing, excellent service times, limited handling of your product, and equipment availability.

CRA will recommend the most cost effective and efficient way to handle your product from your facility to your customer. CRA's select network of carriers allows us to place a carrier based on their strengths to fit your needs. Our network of carriers will invoice you directly. They will also work directly with you for your pick-ups, deliveries and tracing needs. CRA maintains the sales support with our clients and each carrier. CRA will continue to monitor carrier productivity.

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